Congratulations to all the winners at our 25th Annual CFSO Specialty. The rain and wind made for a rough start and a somewhat uncomfortable day, but as always everyone managed to have a good time. Rain jackets and fashionable rainboots were all the rage!

Thank you so much to Norma and Lang Moffat for their hospitality and commitment to this club. Also a very big thank you to our hardworking volunteers, setting up tent’s twice in the rain is NOT fun.

Also a special thank you to our Judge Bruce Owen for his comments and appreciating our dogs and to Harry Barrington for judging the old timer’s fun match.

BOB: CH Rose Arbor Hoochie Koochie
BOS: GCH Turretbank Merlot CD,RN, RA, RE, CGN
SEL Dog: CH Amberton’s Blazing Rose
SEL Bitch: CH Burbrook Dramatique Blue Genes
WD, BOW, BPIS: Burbrook Broduil Fitzwug
WB: Cempa’s Deliteful
AOM: CH Glenrose Caitlin at Shirmont
AOM: CH Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia


12-18 Month Dog (3)

1. Glenire’s Persius – by Chrys-Haefen Dark Dulaman ex Glenire’s Undaunted

2. Syrenia’s London Calling – by GCH Brinklow Winsman Marcello ex CH Sigma Chi’s Burbon on the Rocks

3. Lavenderhill Lord Robert at Cempa – by CH Kinvaar Believer Fever ex CH Brinklow Ava at Lavender Hill


Canadian Bred Dog (2)

1. Burbrook Broduil Fitzwug – by GCH Wug’s Royal Oak ex CH Burbrook Irish Ceilidh

2. Embee’s Set the Night on Fire – by Jovan Royal Rock N Roll ex Brinklow Rare Nika


Bred by Exhibitor Dog (3)

1. Barrington’s Rob Roy – by Kinvaar Believer Fever ex CH Barrington Lady of Blairquhan

2. Midsummer’s Evening Star – by CH Coverdale Fade Into Sunset ex CH Midsummer’s Roses are Red

3. Carriagehill All About Forever – by Lavenderhill Diamonds are Forever ex CH Jewelcroft’s Carmendy


Open Dog (6)

1. Jewelcroft’s Going Concern – by CH Jewelcroft’s CEO ex CH Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia

2. Coverdale Diggin’ For Diamonds – by Hillwood Candid Expression ex CH Hollywood Diamond Diva

3. Cempa Boomboom Out Go Dalites – by CH Kinvaar Believer Fever ex CH Cempa CArly Who’s So Vain

4. Embee’s Burning Bright – by CH Amberton’s Blazing Rose ex Mysticmoon Happily Embee After


Veteran Dog (2)

1. CH Jewelcroft’s CEO

2. CH Rabymar Adonis


WINNERS DOG: Burbrook Broduil Fitzwug   

RESERVE WINNERS DOG: Jewelcroft’s Going Concern


Junior Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Syrenia’s Dita Von Teese – by GCH Brinklow Winsman Marcello ex CH Sigma Chi’s Garnet at Syrenia

2. Midsummer’s Cranberry Crisp – by GCH Midsummers True Grit ex Midsummers Little Rascal


Senior Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Sunrize Miss Sylver Spring – by Darane Smooth Criminal at Nightingale ex Kalais Chloe Up By Dawn

2. Barrington’s Parisian Blonde – by CH Hartscontent Vsop at Birchrun ex CH Barrington Lady of Blairquhan


12-18 Month Bitch (1)

1. Dreamwoods Tallygold Aurora – by GCH Turretbank Merlot CD,RN, RA, RE, CGN ex Dreamwoods Firestar


Canadian Bred Bitch (6)

1. Abbymanor Burbrook Springfever – by CH Burbrook Zhetland Forever ex CH Abbymanor’s Harvest Moon

2. Waggerden Wee Sister – by CH Shrimont Cannon Sureshot ex Dellerose Waggerden Last Rhumba

3. Cavalaine Secret Dreamer – by CH Craigowl Ryton ex CH Cavalaine Secret Dreamer

4. Cempa’s Runaway Bride – by CH Brinklow Lord Merlyn De Clare CGN, CD, RA, AGNS ex CH Kinvaar’s Trolley Dolly


Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (5)

1. Embee’s Raising the Stakes – by Mileslip Withalittleluck of Tailgate ex CH Mysticmoon’s Danika

2. Abbymanor’s Moroccan Jewel – by CH Shirmont Cannon Sureshot ex Abbymanor’s Ring my Bell

3. Barrington Santana Gypsy Queen – by Lanola Santana of Maibee ex CH Barrington Lady of Blairquhan

4. Dreamoods Rainbows End – by CH Wryedell Starry Knight ex CH Dreamwoods Roses are Red


Open Bitch (5)

1. Cempa’s Deliteful – by CH Kinvaar Believer Fever ex CH Cempa Carly Who’s So Vain

2. Coverdale Diamonds and Lace – by Hillwood Candid Expression ex CH Hillwood Diamond Diva

3. Cempa’s Kailee at Tallygold – by CH Kinvaar Believer Fever ex CH Brinklow Scottish Bluebell

4. Brinklow Allie Jazz – by GCH Turretbank Merlot CD,RN, RA, RE, CGN ex Brinklow Rare Nika


Veteran Bitch (2)

1. Woodmere’s Princess Tara – by CH Brinklow Barrington Flashback ex CH Brinklow Woodmere’s Chime

2. CH Burbrook Tequila Sunrise – by CH Woodmere’s Lord Byron ex CH Burbrook Optical Illusion


WINNERS BITCH: Cempa’s Deliteful  

RESERVE WINNERS BITCH: Sunrize Miss Sylver Spring



Dogs, 7-9 Years (3)

1. CH Rabymar Adonis

2. Mysticmoon Black Tie Affair

3. Brinklow Devo Bracken


Dogs, 10+ Years (1)

1. Plantagenet’s Buddy



Bitches 7-9 (3)

1. CH Burbrook Tequila Sunrise

2. Tallygold Naughty ‘n Nice

3. Mysticmoon Gooseberry Blossom


Bitches 10+ (2)

1. CH Burbrook Rebecca’s Last Fling

2. CH Woodmere’s Princess Tara

WINNERS OLD TIMER FEMALE: CH Burbrook Tequila Sunrise

BEST OLDTIMER: CH Rabymar Adonis