The sport of purebred dogs has changed significantly in recent years, and yet what remains consistent in our Cavalier fancy is the hard work and dedication of breeders who continue to devote much precious time and resources to the future of our wonderful breed.  Kudos to the entire CFSO Club, members, volunteers, workers, breeders and all the exhibitors for continuing the legacy of this wonderful show that I so fondly recall myself from many years ago.  Despite mother nature getting notification of the show date wrong by 24 hours, everyone remained cheerful and I was pleasantly surprised there were few absentees.  Together, we made it a wonderful day that I will forever remember as the show where I arrived a raisin from the dry desert of Arizona, and left a well hydrated juicy grape from the lush green hydration of Southern Ontario.  I enjoyed myself immensely and appreciate the honor to have judged on the day.

As a few overall comments, I found a number of dogs having quite plain or generic type spaniel expressions that lacked the true beauty, elegance and soft melting expression of glamour that so differentiates the Cavalier from other spaniel breeds.  There were a fair number up on leg and up in size, yet a number of exceptionally beautiful specimens of correct Cavalier breed type and expression that were spot on with moderation in size, body and coat.  Despite most of the undershot bites being in the younger classes, I was disappointed to see some in the specials class, which for me personally is something I find completely unacceptable.  At the end of the day, your area of the Cavalier world has much to be very proud of as there were a number of high-quality specimens of the breed with excellent breed type that so dignifies the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I was challenged in both the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch awards wishing I had multiple Winners ribbons to hand out, and in the end the final placements for Breed wins had me smiling wide with gratefulness and pride of the quality in front of me during the final go around.  Well done everyone!




3-6 Month Baby Puppy Dog

1 – 27 Rowantree Never Give Up: Pretty Blenheim baby well broken and very happy who showed slightly better than his litter brother today.  Nice expression, dark eye, with time I am sure will build more tone in his front and avoid appear just slightly out at the elbows.  Better topline on the day than his brother and than the baby puppy bitch with more backskull than the puppy bitch adding to the pleasing head shape and expression.  Best Baby Puppy In Breed

2 – 07 Rowantree Golden Promise: You can tell these two are litter mates as this baby boy too is a pretty Blenheim baby with a nice expression and dark eye, with much of the same qualities yet just today having more fun bouncing and being a baby with less control and ability to see his true virtues moving than his brother.  Both of these babies show much promise for the future.



3-6 Month Baby Puppy Bitch

1 – 14 Winter Carnival: A happy baby girl well broken with a dark eye and pleasing head shape and expression, with some flesh colored nose not yet filled in.  A bit more length of loin than ideal, she was  soft in the topline on the day but moved well otherwise.




Junior Puppy Dog

1 – 61: Barrington’s Patrick.  Well broken Blenheim with a happy attitude not bothered by the wet grass.  He had a pleasing expression with a dark eye, nice backskull and cushion and fill under the eye and in muzzle that presented a balanced head shape.  Although he could have benefited from a slight more angulation front and rear, he had enough and was balanced, presenting a nice picture going around.

2 – 29: Lookout Secret Agent Man. This happy blenheim boy had a bit more length of muzzle than the first dog and his backskull had not yet widened to match the length of muzzle and his well cushioned flews.  It was difficult to tell if the wet grass made him pick his front feet up differently but he appeared to nearly single track in the front, and going around was slightly roach backed.  He certainly shows promise and with time growing into himself and showing on a dry surface, would probably look like a different dog.




Senior Puppy Dog

1 – 39: Cempa’s Wishful Thinking.  A very pretty young black and tan boy with lovely rich tan correct markings, pretty dark eye and a pleasing balanced soft expression difficult to breed in a black and tan.  He was clean coming and going, and happily carried himself around with a nice level topline.  Best Puppy in Show.

2 – 55: Embee’s Tasmanian Night.  Another pretty young black and tan slightly shorter in muzzle and needing more time to grow into his bite.  Not quite as balanced in angulation front and rear, which resulted in the first dog’s topline looking strongly level going around.  He too was happy with a nice coat and showed well.




12-18 month dog

1 – 53:  A happy Blenheim with nice dark pigment, slightly more topskull than muzzle perhaps with age growing into a more balanced head shape and expression. He was upright in shoulder from a short upper arm but fairly balanced front and rear.  His front structure made him gait close coming, and he wasn’t the strongest with his rear driving action.  His tail set was a bit lower than ideal, but with such a pretty coat and balance front and rear, he presented a pleasing outline going around the ring.

2 – 21: Birchrun’s Johnny Be Good.  This nice young boy had an expression that will benefit from more age and maturity, as on the day his muzzle appeared a bit longer than ideal as it was not yet well cushioned due to his age, presenting an expression that in time will not look a bit pinched.  He was quite upright in the front preventing his ability to reach during action, and with a slightly lower tailset than ideal  as well as a slope in his topline, on the day resulted in his second placement.




Bred By Dog

1 – 19: Cedar Creek Rise N Shine.  A beautiful Blenheim boy with a dark eye and pigment and the beautiful pleasing expression we look for in our loving breed.   He could have been a bit more animated, but then again I would have most likely had more spring in my step too with better weather.  He had a beautiful coat that was very well presented, was happy and showed well.  To be very picky, he could be just a tad longer in rib and a tad shorter in loin, but he was very well balanced with a beautiful picture going around the ring.  He was clean coming and going, kept a nice level topline, and exuded the breed type and balance so important in our breed.   Winner Dog and Best of Winners.

2 – 37: Karlee Gray Stone Stuart at Cempa.  A heavier marked Blenheim that was very happy and showed his heart out.  Although still growing into his head and his bite, he had a lovely expression with dark eyes and pigment, with nice balance and clean movement front and rear, and a pretty outline going around.  Reserve Winners Dog.

3 – 51: Cavacharms Meddling Murphy.  A pretty and happy ruby with a soft pleasing expression and acceptable angulation and topline.

4 – 11: Syrenia’s The Mighty Quinn.  A happy happy heavily marked Blenheim that on the day had a bit more challenge than others in front of him holding his topline together.




Open Dog

1 – 59: Culverhill Crimson Beau.  A ruby boy well up to size with a lot of coat, and a stronger head and expression, dark eye and pigment, who kept a level topline going around and never stopped wagging, obviously so happy to be out for some fun in the rain with his handler.




Veteran Dog

1 – 45: Ch Rabymar Adonis.  Challenged by the second place dog, this good old boy came out with the win because of his soft expression and happy attitude with continuous tail motion.  His pleasing soft expression smiled at me the whole time, and with good movement coming and going and from the side, he asked for the ribbon on the day.

2 – 63: Ch Chrys-Haefen Ddls Digl Glenire.   This beautiful tricolor boy had a very pretty, soft expression and solid movement on the down and back as well as a nice topline going around the ring.  Although not quite as short in the loin as the first place dog, he and his handler have much to be proud of, and it was splitting hairs in the end with the first-place dog for the win.

3 – Ch Rulers January Man. A well broken up to size Blenheim boy who was a bit more upright in angulation and height than my ideal, but with a happy attitude and expression, enjoying the ring with his veteran friends.




Junior Puppy Bitch

1 – 28: Birchrun’s Toast to Friends. A beautiful tricolor puppy bitch with a very pretty expression, who unfortunately had suffered an eye injury that was still healing.  She was the most compact and balanced body in the ring, with the best movement on both the down and back and from the side.  I’m hopeful her eye injury heals with time as she has a bright future in front of her.

2 – 36: Endearings Tallygold Sage.  This happy black and tan girl will do well with time to grow into her head as her expression will develop more glamour and balance with more cushion and fill, and her bite may benefit from her head shape growing and breaking in.  She had acceptable movement coming and going, and could have had a bit better topline  going around.

3 – 18: Jewelcroft’s Island Fever. This baby tricolor girl was very sweet and happy, but didn’t match the softness and glamour of the ones that placed in front of her.  She was less angulated front and rear, and yet her attitude was so great and made me smile, thinking she will have much fun and do well with more time.




Senior Puppy Bitch

1 – 16: Darane Jane Eyre.  A black and tan girl with a few white hairs that will most likely be less visible with age.  She was very happy, nice expression with more back skull than the others in the class.  She  had a nice coat and good bite and was clean coming and going.  From the side she didn’t have the strongest topline on the day, and her tail carriage was a bit higher than ideal.

2 – 78: Embee Cabella Tanami Sunset.  This black and tan girl was a bit less clean in her tan markings, had less backskull than the first bitch, and reverse scissors bite all of which affected her expression.  She was acceptable on move coming, going and on the side with a better topline than the first bitch.

3 – 92: Lakehouse Pollyanna. This ruby girl had a slightly more pinched muzzle and expression than my personal preference, was upright and straight in the front, and lifted in the front going around on the side.  She was very happy and had a fantastic time in the ring.




12-18 Month Bitch

1 – 62: Karidana Princess Fifi.  A nicely marked Blenheim girl with a beautiful feminine expression that is soft and pleasing with dark eye and pigment.  She was a bit out at the elbows coming towards me, and was not driving cleanly from the hock going away, but overall presented a nice balanced picture going around and had the melting expression so important in the breed.

2 – 10: Midsummers Chrysler Imperial. A nicely marked Blenheim with a good head that was still growing into her head shape and expression, on the day looking slightly ski sloped in the top skull to stop.  She was a bit stuffy in the neck and could benefit from more angulation in the rear.




Canadian Bred Bitch

1 – 80: Barrington Hi Calibre at Cempa.  A heavily marked tricolor girl that was just beautiful, with a pretty soft expression, and constantly exhibited the happy outgoing attitude so important in our breed.  She could have benefited from a bit more neck from more layback of shoulder, but overall was balanced and moved well coming, going and from the side, with a beautiful coat that was well presented.

2 – 64: Lavenderhills Little Nutmeg.  A happy and pretty Black and tan girl that would have challenged the first place bitch if she had a bit more cushion under the eye and fill in the muzzle.  She moved well with a better topline than those placed behind her.

3 – 20: Amitola Angeni Sora Jewelcroft.  A tricolor bitch with a couple white spots on her back so nice completely heavily marked, but with a pencil thin white blaze that prevented as soft of an expression as ideal.  She had a calm, sweet attitude that was not as animated as the others in the class.

4 – 60: Embee’s Jet Black Jellybean.  A well coated black and tan girl that was having a humid rainy hair day, but remained very happy and showed well.  Not as soft in the expression and head shape as the first two, and a bit less neck and balanced outline going around than the third place bitch.




Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

1 – 58: Carver’s Atomic Blonde.  A beautiful well broken Blenheim girl with a lovely coat that was impeccably groomed and presented.  She had a pretty expression, dark eye and pigment, nice cushion and fill, well angulated with a pretty neck, was clean coming and going, and presented an ideal outline going around the right with a tail set and carriage that outshined most of today’s entry.  I loved the picture she painted going  around the ring – it was captivating.   She has a very bright future that will continue to get even more successful as she continues to mature.  Reserve Winners bitch.

2 – 72: Waggerden Fallon Your Feet. A tricolor girl with pretty expression and head shape, but a bit short in neck impacting the balance of her outline from the side standing and moving.  She was a bit close in the rear going away, and didn’t seem quite as happy as the others in the class.

3 – 88: Barrington’s Flirt Alert.  A very happy ruby with a pretty expression, good fill in the muzzle, balanced front and rear and a nice topline going around with a pretty outline.

4 – 42: Chiffinch Moonlight Dream.  This ruby girl was also very happy, and challenged the third place,  right to the end.  She had a pretty expression but not quite as much fill in the muzzle as the third place bitch.  She was balanced front and rear, and could benefit from a little more rear angulation perhaps with age.




Open Bitch

1 – 74: Kinvaar Fire Cracker.  A beautifully marked Blenheim girl with an incredibly beautiful neck and layback of shoulder that created a stunning outline and picture from the side.  Her beautiful dark liquid eyes and melting expression was so feminine and glamorous that she caught my eye immediately.  She wasn’t as well bodied up as some of the other girls, and carried her tail a bit higher than idea.  Her balanced angulation front and rear and her glamorous expression and outline standing and moving just presented such an ideal overall picture.  I kept going back to her beautiful soft feminine expression, and in the end it drew me to her with the Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex rosettes.  I would be happy to look at her in my home every day.

2 – 26: Kinvaar Breaking Dawn.  A pretty Blenheim girl that challenged the first placement in this class.  She had a nice expression with dark eye and pigment, was clean coming and going and presented a nice outline going around.  In the end, my personal style and preference split the hairs for placement with the first place bitch.

3 – 38: Abbymanor’s Aummer Star. A happy and pretty ruby girl, with a pleasing head that had a bit more cushion and fill than the fourth place bitch, giving her the placement despite not being quite as compact in body as the fourth place bitch

4 – 22: Jewelcroft’s Sweetheart Deal. This happy ruby girl had a nice expression.  She could benefit from a bit more layback in shoulder and longer neck, but her compact size and dark ruby coat stood out and were excellent.




Veteran Bitch

1 – 56: GCh Burbrook Dramatique Blue Genes.  A pretty Blenheim girl with a small Blenheim spot on her show side cheek, but had a glamorous expression and beautiful head shape.  She had incredible coat, a dead level topline, kept beautiful form standing and moving, and with such a happy outgoing attitude the entire time.  She caught my eye and it was a clear win for me in this class on the day.

2 – 44: Ch Campanard’s Kalla Selina.  A happy ruby girl with a nice expression who was happy and showed her heart out today.  She looked nice coming, going and moving from the side.

3 – 24: Chh Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia.  This black and tan girl enjoyed her time today, had a good expression, and moving was a bit soft in the topline but presented well for her age.




Best of Breed – 5: Ch Sigma Chi’s Jose at Mingchen.

A stunning well broken very happy Blenheim boy with dark pigment, dark eye, pretty soft expression with ideal overall balance and glamour.  He was impeccably conditioned, groomed and presented, never putting a foot down wrong.  Excellent coat in great condition, nicely angulated front and rear with a pretty crest of neck, dead level topline standing and moving, and nice movement coming with excellent driving action the hock going away.  He had the beautiful outline and ideal picture of the Cavalier floating around the ring, and it was a pleasure to award him Best of Breed on the day.




Select Dog – 57: Ch Kinvaar Brodick.

This glamorous Blenheim boy had glamour that was captivating.  His expression is just so pretty, and his happy attitude responds to his handler with fondness, showing his heart out.  He had nice angles front and rear with good balance, presenting a pretty outline standing and moving from the side.  His nice coat and overall glamour and balance challenged the Best of Breed winner on the day.  His breeder and owner have much to be proud of.




Select Bitch – 12: Ch Mardigras 2 the Moon at Sigma Chi

A nicely marked Blenheim girl with a nice expression that could benefit from a bit more topskull.  She was full of attitude, nicely conditioned and presented, and deserving of Select on the day.




Awards of Merit:

35: Ch Cempa Sure as Shoot’n.  A pretty Blenheim boy with a soft masculine expression, good angulation, nice outline and clean moving.  Although not as animated as some, he was happy and moderate all around with quality and merit that deserved the recognition.




86: Ch Embee’s Highland Moon.  This pretty nicely balanced black and tan girl has a pleasing feminine expression, and a compact body and outline that looked great standing and moving.  Although not overly happy and animated, she was pretty and deserving of the award.