Critique provided by judge: Erica Venier, Orchard Hill Cavaliers

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Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario held their Specialty on June 22, 2017 at the home of Norma and Lang Moffat in Campbellville, Ontario. My sincere thanks to the club members who worked so hard to create such a lovely environment for all of us to enjoy. Thank-you also to the exhibitors who honored me with their entries. Your good sportsmanship and camaraderie is greatly appreciated and reflects well on all of you as breeders and as exhibitors.


Junior Puppy Dog ( 2 )

  1. # 5 Syrenia’s Modern Master, Owner: Anthony & Barbara Kaziniec. Blenheim boy with large dark eyes. Nice size for his age; correct shape, solid topline, moved well.


  1. # 69 Cavacharms Murphy. Owner: Chantelle Fyffe. Ruby boy on a larger scale; great color, large dark round eyes. Level topline.


Senior Puppy Dog ( 3 )

  1. # 53. Kinvaar all Fired Up, Owner: Penny Freberg. Beautiful boy with lovely head and expression. Well broken; good size and shape with the best angulation in the class.


  1. # #61 Cempa Wreaking Havoc, Owner: Marianne Creary. Lovely head and sweet expression. Moves well holding his topline. Pigment not as dark as the first placed dog.


  1. # 39 Chanctonbury Wild Abandon, Owner: Norma Moffat & Mary Beth Squirrel. Another very pretty head with large dark eyes. Well-balanced and moved smoothly in spite of being slightly less well-angulated than the two entries ahead of him.


12 – 18 Month Dog ( 1 )

  1. # 31 Lavenderhills Little Red Griffin, Owner: Elly Ellis. Richly-colored Blenheim with large dark eyes. Would benefit from more fill but a sweet expression nevertheless.


Canadian Bred Dog ( 1 )

  1. # 15 Embee’s Set The Night On Fire, Owner: Heather Price & Mary Beth Squirrell.

Richly colored Black & Tan boy with large, dark, round eyes which helped contribute to a sweet expression.


Bred-By Exhibitor Dog ( 3 )

  1. # 59 Cempa Sure As Shoot’n, Owner: Marianne Creary. Richly-colored Blenheim with huge dark round eyes placed correctly on the front of his face. Ample fill beneath the eyes. Well balanced with straight front legs and good angles front and rear. Level topline which he easily held on the move. Croup correct, tail carriage good. Reserve Winners Dog.


  1. # 47 Coverdale Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Owner: Marvin & Margaret Miller. Tricolor with appealing head and expression. Ample fill. Topline level, tail carriage correct.


  1. # 71 Barrington’s Grand Son, Owner: Harry & Pat Barrington. Tricolor with pleasing head and excellent texture to his coat. Adequate fill.


Open Dog ( 2 )

  1. # 51 Kinvaar Buttoned Up The Back, Owner: Penny Freberg. Much to like about this striking Blenheim boy. Pleasing head and expression; dark pigment surrounding his large round eyes; equally dark pigment dark on nose and lips. Fully mature and in glorious coat. Well-angulated front and rear; well-balanced with a level top line, good croup and correct tail carriage. Smooth movement with excellent reach and drive. Beautifully presented. Winners Dog, Best of Winners.


  1. # 65 Madrigal Foxtrot, Owner: Karen Tomlins. Beautiful head with large round eyes and a sweet expression. Holds his topline on the move.


Veteran Dogs ( 3)

  1. # 29 Burbrook Zhetland Forever. Owner: Judy McArthur. Blenheim boy close to nine years old. Nice head with large eyes and a pleasing expression. Stands well front and rear. Good size and shape; sharp markings.


  1. # 37 Ch. Rabymar Adonis, Owner: Norma Moffat. Black and Tan boy with a pretty head and dark round eyes. Moves well.


  1. # 55 Ch. Rulers January Man, Owner: S. & M. Gelinas, M. Jury & M. Hagan. Well-marked boy exhibiting the typical happy temperament which makes us love the Breed.


Junior Puppy Bitch ( 2 )

  1. # 62 Embee Burbrook Silent Song, Owner: Peggy Wallace & Mary Beth Squirrell. Attractive head and expression with dark pigment and ample fill. Well made little girl. Straight black coat with bright rust markings.


  1. # 48 Cempa Hartscontent Main Squeez, Owner: Glen & Linda McKinnon. Blenheim baby girl with large dark eyes and a soft expression.


Senior Puppy Bitch ( 5 )

  1. # 80 Glenire’s Verity, Owner: Valerie Toth. Nice balance on this compact, attractive little ruby. Pretty head and expression, large eyes, ample fill and resultant sweet expression.


  1. #46. Midsummer Life Is A Highway, Owner: Kimberly & David Hergott. Pretty little girl with lovely eyes.


  1. # 16 Kinvaar New Dawn, Owner: Don & Joan Robinson. Sweetest little girl with large, dark round eyes and soft expression. Movement was off today.


  1. # 56 Lavender Hills Expresso Martini, Owner: Catherine Aloe & Erica Reyes. Black and Tan youngster with large dark eyes and a very soft expression.


12 – 18 Month Bitch ( 3 )

  1. # 34 Lavender Hills Little Nutmeg, Owner: Catherine Aloe. Black and Tan with rich rust markings on a silky, straight black background. Eyes large large and dark. Structure good; topline level both standing and on move.


  1. # 20 Jewelcroft’s Sweettheart Deal, Owner: Bonnie Sands. Sweet little ruby girl with large eyes which could be a shade darker. Topline level.


  1. # 08 Dakshad’s Wild Thing, Owner: Dawn Spenser. Black and Tan with large, dark round eyes.


Canadian Bred Bitch (3 )

  1. # 32 Tallygolds Lavender Rose. Owner: Elizabeth Roberts. Ruby. Won this class on her movement.


  1. # 44 Midsummer Born To Be Wild. Owner: Kimberley & David Hergott. Richly colored Blenheim with large dark eyes.


  1. # 72 Glenorchys Brand New Day, Owner: Ann Chambers. Tri with rich tan markings.


Bred By Exhibitor Bitch ( 6 )

The quality in this class was outstanding; my class placements were all quality bitches

worthy of winning their crowns and perhaps going even further. Well done, breeders.


  1. # 52 Licketysplit Helena, Owner: Joan Geogheegan. Typey well marked Blenheim. Large, dark, round, frontally placed eyes with ample fill beneath them which helped create her soft expression. Lovely shape and outline: slightly longer than tall. Well angulated front and rear, short loin, correct slope of croup and tail carriage. Overall balance and way of going was very pleasing. Winners Bitch.


  1. # 54 Saranade Revelry And Merriment. Owner: Penny Freberg. Attractive Blenheim with large dark eyes and a sweet expression. Lovely head with ample cushion beneath her eyes. Well made, balanced girl who moved smoothly holding her topline. Fully coated and in wonderful condition. Pushed hard for first place. Reserve Winners Bitch.


  1. # 36 Snowbird Latte Da. Owner: Elaine Lesko & Valentina Schuler. Attractive, richly colored Black & Tan with large dark eyes and a soft expression. Beautiful head, correct ear placement. Moved well, holding her topline. Another good one.


  1. # 66 Embee’s Highland Moon. Owner: Wendy Roemer & Mary Beth Squirrell. Beautiful head, lovely eyes and expression. Well made. Both this bitch and the # 3 girl had gorgeous, straight, silky coats, not easy to produce in a black and tan or a tricolor.


Open Bitch ( 3 )

  1. # 50 Licketysplit Unchained Melody. Owner: Joan Geoghegan. Pretty Blenheim with large dark eyes and a soft expression. Moves well, topline solid tail carriage correct.


  1. #70 Kinvaar Tia Amo. Owner: Marianne Creary. Another pretty Blenheim girl with large, dark round eyes. Outmoved by the first placed bitch.


  1. Tallygolds Northern Skye, Owner: Melva Vail. Large, dark, round eyes on this Blenheim girl. Lacks fill. Otherwise a nice girl.


Veteran Bitch ( 2 )

  1. # 60 Ch. Burbrook Irish Ceilidh, Owner: Peggy Wallace & Deborah Seaton. Nine years old and holding up very well! Pretty head, well made.


  1. # 82 Ch. Halfmoon Pure Luxury, Owner: Jean Tremblay. Tricolor eleven years old. Well made, moves well. Coat extremely silky for an older dog.


Specials Only (16 )

#9 Ch. Miletree Carnival, Owner: Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry, Elaine & Robert Whitney. Hands down an easy choice for Best of Breed. Blenheim dog with a masculine head and large, dark, round eyes correctly placed on the front of his skull. Ample cushioning beneath the eyes. Well tapered muzzle. Lovely neck/shoulder transition. Well laid shoulders and matching rear, giving him the balance needed to move out well. Topline level, croup gently sloped into correct tail carriage. Happy to award him Best of Breed.

# 22 Embee Jewelcroft Midnight Luau, Bitch. Owner: Bonnie Sands , Mary Elizabeth Squirrell. Typey little Black and Tan bitch of a pleasing make and shape. Adorable head, soft expression, large dark eyes. Coat straight and silky with bright rust markings. Moved well with reach and drive, topline solid. Well deserving of Best of Opposite Sex.

# 23 Gch. Revelry’s Blue Moon Rising: Dog. Owner: Lorraine Feaver. Overall balance, make and shape very appealing on this typey Blenheim boy. Pretty had with large dark eyes and ample fill under the eyes. Moved well with no wasted motion. Topline solid. Select Dog.

# 58 Ch. Woodmere’s Crystal N Lace. Bitch. Owner: Joan MacIntyre. Well broken Blenheim bitch with a pretty head and expression. Lovely dark eyes. Liked her shape and balance. Moved well and showed well. Select Bitch.

# 53 Kinvaar All Fired Up, Dog. Owner Penny Freberg. See critique page 1. Best Puppy in Breed

# 11 Sigma Chi’s Jose at Mingchen, Dog. Owner: Robert & Elaine Whitney, Shirley Henry, L. Pearce. Blenheim puppy dog, recently finished his championship and had just been moved up up Specials. Although still a puppy he is a very nice dog in spite of his youth. The parts are all there: pretty head, large dark eyes, soft expression and correct shape. A well balanced animal which moved well. Award of Merit.