Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario

Sunday 24th June 2012
JUDGE: Katie Sloan, Turretbank Cavaliers

It was a tremendous honour to be invited to judge your Specialty Show . The Officers and Committee are to be congratulated on such a well organized event with the most wonderful friendly atmosphere throughout. The setting was  beautiful, the layout was  very well presented and I should also like to thank my Ring Steward Helen Rose for her expertise and for  keeping the day flowing  effortlessly. I thank the exhibitors for their quality entry  and their excellent presentation. Several class  winners really shone  and there were  some  difficult decisions to be made

Senior Puppy Dog   (2 entries)

1. STELLAR ROMANICNG THE STONE AT TYCWN  (Karlee  Peglen’s  Rumbuntious  x Stellar Moonlight Romance )

Breeder:  Mary Louise Gregg  Owner: Anne Knauss & Carol Rose.

A most attractive tricolour youngster with appealing expression and excellent pigment. His overall conformation  is most pleasing with  good reach of  neck,  well placed shoulders  and keeping a level topline at all times. Liked his neat well defined hocks which he used to his advantage. Well boned and carrying sufficient coat for his age.

2. AMBERTON’S BLAZING ROSE (Bacchus Du Nid Du Faison x Campanards Dream Rose

Breeder: Annika & Peter Renberg   Owner:  Bonnie  Sands.

A richly coloured ruby displaying a head of classical shape with sufficient cushioning for his age. His long well feathered ears are well set and he has  dark eyes and nose pigment. He is finer boned and lacking in ribcage development at the moment, therefore  giving the appearance of being  longer in the body. One who needs time to develop.

12-18 Month Dog 2 entries (1 absent)

1. BURBROOK BARRINGTON SARSTRUCK    (Ch Wyredell Starry Knight x CH Barrington Burbrook Fire fly )

Breeder: Peggy Wallace  Owner:  Patricia and Harry Barrington

Black and tan boy with rich tan markings  who  carries a good coat and is well bodied for age. Attractive head with soft expression but  lacking in length of neck .Front rather wide  and moving close behind today but  he covered the ground holding a level topline.

 Canadian Bred Dog   (3 entries)

1.. GLENIRE’S ERNE PRANG   ( Ch Chrys- Haefen Oscar Wilde x Glenire’s Undaunted  )

Breeder: Valerie  Toth and Emily Toth Tamminga  Owner: Dianne Carroll

Handsome heavily marked tricolour  in good coat of excellent texture. His lovely soft expressive eyes and dark pigment  give his well proportioned head  a most attractive appearance  being framed by long ear fringes. Good front and rear movement  allowing him to stride out  freely around the ring.

2   MADRIGAL THE ENTERTAINER   ( Ch Shirmont Rhapsody In Blue  x Ch Madrigal Kiss Me Kate  )

Breeder:  Beverly Dent  Owner:  Sherrill Norris

Blenhiem  boy  slightly lacking in coat today but has  long ear fringes framing a handsome head , good dentition  but would prefer a slightly darker eye. He was most attentive to his handler and moved   well  but falling away slightly at the croup

3. JEWELSCROFT’S CEO ( Ch Woodmere’s Red Baron x Ch Burbrook Opal At Jewelcroft )

Breeder: Bonnie Sands Owner:  Brian Gray

Well presented  Blenheim  with good head shape , level skull, excellent ear fringes and dark nose pigment .Larger and heavier boned than my first two  placed . Mature in body  with well rounded ribcage Strode out well but rather proud of his tail today.

Bred by Exhibitor Dog(2 entries)

1..WUG’S ROYAL OAK  ( Ch Karlee Peglen’s Rumbuntious (USA)  x Ch Wug Bug A Loo Ba  )

Breeder / Owner:  Lisa Lott

I liked the overall shape of this puppy. Having done all his growing at an early stage he did not look out of place in this class. He has the most attractive head with  expressive  dark eyes , good pigment correct dentition and sufficient reach of neck. His well laid shoulders blend into a level topline and his tail carriage was perfect. Good  front and rear movement and on the move he commanded attention.  Pleased to award him  RESERVE WINNERS DOG.

2. DREAMWOODS LION HEART ..(Ch Dubourg Coeur De Lion x Malindi V.T Burgstse Hof.)

Breeder / Owner Norm & Laura McMinn

Smaller framed than 1 but mature in body. Attractive head with dark pigment but would prefer more neck and better shoulder placement. Moved well with good tail carriage.

OPEN DOG.. 5 entries

1.CA CAMBRIDGE DREAM WEAVER  (. Ch Coralaw Wishes ‘n.’ Dreams x Camcav Queen Of The Night)

Breeder: Elaine Mitchell  Owner: Dr Barb  Magera & Elaine Mitchell

A fabulously coated black and tan who came into the ring with such enthusiasm , he dared to go unnoticed .Very attractive boy put down in excellent condition  and with sufficient neck, well laid shoulders and short back to his credit. His head has good proportions and  is framed by long ,full  ear fringes. Movement was true both front and rear  and he motored around the ring holding a level topline.  A well  deserved WINNERS DOG and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX

2. STELLAR FIREBALL AT TYCWN ( Stellar .Heartsafire x Stellar Buffy The vampire Slayer )

Breeder: Mary Louise Gregg. Owner: Anne Knauss.

Very well constructed ruby who belies his age and at over 7 yr he held his own in this class. His head shape and expression appealed to me but would prefer a slightly darker eye. Nicely proportioned body with good  ribcage and he moved out well  with  good front and rear movement  using his hocks to advantage.

3. CHRYS-HAEFEN DDLS DIGL GLENIRE ( CH Chrys-Haefen Oscar Wilde x CH Chrys Carefree Beauty , Canada )

Breeder:Jennifer McAuley  Owner:Valerie Toth & Emily Toth Tamminga

Young heavily marked tricolour boy with rather a lot to like about him. Although his blaze is narrow, it does not detract from his kind , gentle expression and his lovely long ear fringes framing  his well balanced head proportions. He moved true in both directions and kept a superb topline at all times and with correct tail carriage. He needs time to mature.

4. JEWELCROFT DELICATO ( CH Jovan Royal Rock N Roll x Campanards  Eternell, Canada )

Breeder  and Owner:  Bonnie J. Sands

Richly coloured ruby with slightly longer body .Attractive head with tapered muzzle  and well set ears.  Another who covered the ground with level topline and correct tail carriage and he was most attentive to his handler.

Veteran Dog  (4 entries)

1. STELLAR FIREBALL AT TYCWN( CH Stellar Heartsafire x Stellar Buffy The Vampire Slayer )

Breeder: Mary Louise Gregg  Owner: Anne L  Knauss   see notes 2nd Open Dog

2. MOSTYN OVERLOAD  ( CH Sheryane Carver’s Three Pete x Mostyn Cherish, Canada  )

Breeder: Brigida Reynolds. Owner:  Gloria Paul

Nicely constructed  heavily marked 8 year old tricolour with an endearing expression. He knows how to use those large dark eyes and his well set ears. He has  good neck and shoulder placement and  is well coated for his age.

3. CH RULERS SHAGGY DOG (CH Cavashon Rain Mayker x  CH Rulers Silk Slippers, Canada )

Breeders / Owners: Mike & Sandy Gelinas

Blenheim boy of 9 ½ years  being slightly larger in frame  and well boned. He has a  good head shape, dense  nose pigment and  dark eyes. Excellent ear fringes but his coat is beginning to show his age.

4. PLANTAGENET’S BUDDY ( Dellerose Plantagenet’s Sundance x Plantagenet’s Milly, Canada )

Breeder: Howard Harper  Owner: Gloria  Paul

Compact 10year old  well broken Blenheim  who was rather out of  coat but having  lovely long ear fringes framing a well balance head with gentle expression.  Happy boy who strode out well.

Junior Puppy Bitch   (4 entries)

1. COBBHILL GOLDEN MARGUERITE ( Peakdowns  Huntly x Karlee Gray Stone High Society )

Breeder: Mary Pat Brunson  Owner: Carol Rose & Mary PatBrunson

My eye was drawn to this well balanced  heavily marked 7 month Blenheim  puppy. She is so well constructed  having  good reach of neck and shoulder placement and her  front and rear movement, topline and tail carriage are correct. Her head is of the classical shape with dark eyes , good nose pigment and correct bite. She did misbehave in the ring  but I will always  forgive a puppy  for doing so …Selected as BEST PUPPY

2. BANNER GRACIE SLICK ( Orchard Hill Spoken For x Banners bells And Whistles )

Breeder / Owner Linda  Zeihm

Well broken  Blenheim puppy with the prettiest head and  sweet  expression using her well set ears  to advantage. She too is very well balanced with excellent bone for her age . I loved her elegant neck carriage  and her exuberant   attitude in the ring, covering  the ground with ease

3. VIRGO CHERRY BOMB ( Parkbury Sole mate x CH Virgo New Resolution )

Breeder / Owner Karen M.Wnek

Very pretty  lightly marked Blenheim  with short, compact body  and lovely bone for her age .Most pleasing head shape , excellent pigment and dark ,expressive eyes  .Good front and rear angulations  with well  let down hocks, allowing  plenty of drive .

4. BURBROOK CAMELOT  ( CH Wyredell Starry Knight  (GBR ) CH Wugs N Kisses For Burbrook , Canada.)

Breeder / Owner Peggy  Wallace

Slightly finer built , nicely marked tricolour with pretty head and expression. Another with excellent dark eyes, and nose pigment. Moved true both front and rear and held a level topline  at all times.

 Senior Puppy Bitch   (7 entries 2 absent)

1. BIRCHRUN’S LUCKY SILVER CHARM ( Sheryane Double Take x Hartscontent Midsummer magic  Canada.)

Breeders / Owners Joan  & Don Robinson

Well broken Blenheim with the alleged desired lozenge. Most attractive outline with short coupled body,  excellent angulations and  ample bone .Prettiest of heads with excellent pigment  and lovely ear fringes. Moved with ease around the ring

2. WOODMERE DREAM BELIEVER ( CH Brinklow Lord Merlyn De Clare x CH Woodmere’s Rhapsody  In Winter  Canada )

Breeder / Owner Joan MacIntyre.

Very  clean cut tricolour with just the right amount of well conditioned coat  for her age. Pleasing head proportions with a nicely tapered muzzle and lovely  dark eyes  giving  the desired soft expression. Most attractive outline and  good spring of rib. Wish she was just a little more animated.

3. MADRIGAL BLOSSOM DEARIE  ( CH Currylane’s Davy Jones x CH Madrigal Kiss Me Kate , Canada)

Breeder / Owner Beverley Dent

Richly coloured  Blenheim with such a sweet expression  and excellent pigment Slightly longer in body  and moving slightly close behind  today but holding a level topline  at all times.

4  CAVALAINE SECRET DREAMER  ( CH Craigowl Ryton x CH Cavalaine Secret Design  Canada )

Breeder/ Owner  Elaine Ellis

Another pretty Blenheim  with well broken markings and complete with lozenge. Well constructed with good bone and ample depth of chest  but falls away at the croup. Her coat is of correct texture and  she was well presented.

12-18 Month  Bitch  (7 entries)

1. DREAMWOODS MINISTIK EMBER GLOW ( CH Rabymar Adonis x Dreamwoods Gooseberry Blaksilk , Canada )

Breeder Laura & Norma McMinn  Owner Leah Swatko .

Neat, well balanced  black/tan in excellent coat . Good reach of neck, lay of shoulder and spring of rib. Moved with drive using her well angulated rear.

2. GLENIRE’S ESMERALDA  (CH Chrys – Haefen Oscar Wilde x Glenire’s Undaunted, Canada )

Breeder / Owner Valerie Toth & Emily Toth Tamminga

Nicely marked Blenheim with the sweetest expression. Her construction was most pleasing  with sufficient bone. Excellent neck and well angulated front . In good coat for her age and moved around the ring with level topline and good tail carriage.

3. MYSTICMOON HAPPILY EMBEE AFTER  (Gray Stone Karlee’s Ambrose x Mysticmoon’s Coco Chanel , Canada )

Breeder: Karen Murray Owner: Mary Beth Squirrel & Cheryl Westlake

Richly  coloured Blenheim with attractive expression having large dark eyes,  good pigment and using her ears to advantage. Nicely shaped body , well sprung ribs and level topline.

4. BRINKLOW MIDSUMMER WILD THYME( CH Shirmont Pinstripe Blue (USA) x CH Brinklow Alodie Beryl  Canada )

Breeder Norma Moffat Owner Kimberley & David  Hergott

Pretty lightly marked Blenheim  with large expressive eyes and long well feathered ear fringes. More tapered in muzzle and  slightly longer in body than the others placed. In good coat and most attentive to her handler.

Canadian Bred  (2 entries)

1. MADRIGAL I DREAMED A DREAM  ( CH Brinklow Dr Who At Abbymanor x Madrigal Mazurka, Canada )

Breeder: Beverley Dent Owners:  Sherrill Norris & Beverley Dent

6 year old mature tricolour boy with pleasing head , large dark eyes and long ear fringes. Good body shape and bone but carrying just a little too much weight

2. MADRIGAL ONCE UPON A DREAM ( Sovereigns Highlander At Karlee x Madrigal I Dreamed A Dream, Canada )

Breeders: Sherrill Norris & Beverley Dent Owner: Sherrill  Norris

Well boned , larger framed tricolour with narrow blaze , longest of ear fringes and rich tan markings. Kept a level topline and correct tail carriage  on the move

Bred By Exhibitor  (7 entries)

1. DRAMATIQUE SWEET TREAT ( CH Woodmere’s What A Dreammaker  x CH Dramatique Too Hot To Handle , Canada )

Breeder  / Owner Rynn Dolson-Critchley

Great deal to like about this nicely shaped Blenheim girl having a lovely head shape and sweet expression. Good neck and front angulation , well let down hocks  which she used to motor around the ring keeping a level topline , making a lovely picture on the move. Pleased to award her RESERVE WINNERS BITCH.

2. BANNER’S TAKE THE CAKE AT BLUEWILLOW, Listed ( Hillwood Diamond Jim x Banner Lil’ Lulu, Elsewhere.)

Breeder Linda Ziehm & Peggy Knights Owner Anna Howard & Linda Ziehm.

Pretty heavily marked  tricolour with rich tan markings. Correct tapered muzzle, dark eyes ,excellent nose pigment  and beautifully groomed long ear fringes gave her the much desired soft expression. Nicely shaped body  with  good ribcage and excellent bone. She looked very clean cut on the move , stepping out with enthusiasm.

3. BURBROOK SNOW FLURRY ( Rossbonny Ruff N Ready x CH Burbrook Tequila Sunrise, Canada )

Breeder / Owner Peggy Wallace

Lightly marked Blenheim  presented in excellent condition. Pretty head  with sweet expression and dark nose pigment. Would prefer a slightly darker eye. Liked her size,  shape and substance. Very out going personality  and attentive to her handler.

4. DREAMWOODS LADY SAPPHIRE ROSE ( CH Rabymar Adonis x CH Dreamwoods Roses Are Red, Canada )

Breeder/ Owner: Norm & Laura McMinn

Larger black/tan in good coat with rich tan markings but unfortunately had her ears trimmed by a kennel mate…..perhaps. Good body shape and excellent bone. Pretty head with soft expression, sometimes difficult to obtain with a black/tan. Kept a level topline on the move.

 Open Bitch  (1 entry)

1. BURBROOK STORM WARNING ( Rossbonny  Ruff N ‘Ready x CH Burbrook Tequila Sunrise, Canada ) Breeder Peggy Wallace Owner Carol Rose & Darlene Petralia ) WINNERS BITCH…BEST OF WINNERS ..BEST OF BREED

Such a pretty Blenheim of ideal size. Most attractive head with large dark round  expressive eyes, black nose and correct tapered muzzle. Was impressed with her slightly arched neck and well laid shoulders , level topline and correct tail set. Short coupled with good rear angulation and well let down hocks which she used to advantage. Able to view her rear pads as she moved away , making her way around the ring  holding her head proudly and maintaining a level topline at all times. Such an impressive picture. Delighted to give her  the above awards.

 Veteran Bitch  (2 entries)

1. CH BURBROOK OPAL AT JEWELCROFT ( CH Millhill Le Reve x CH Brinklow Timpani At Burbrook Rom, Canada.)

Breeder: Peggy Wallace  Owner: Bonnie Sands

Well broken tricolour of  8 years plus who was feeling the heat today but still managed to perform well.  Presented in excellent condition , her long ear fringes framing her delightful head and on the move she maintained a level topline.

2.CH BURBROOK PIECE OF A WUG PUZZLE (CH Woodmere’s Lord Byron x CH Brinklow Timpani At Burbrook Rom,) Canada.

Breeder: Peggy Wallace   Owner: Lisa  Lott

7 years old Blenheim with good body proportions, well rounded ribcage and excellent bone. Pretty head  and expression. Moved well but her topline was not her fortune on the move.

 Specials Only  (17 entries  2 absent)

AWARD OF MERIT AWARDED TO  …..CH Kilbrook Larkspur  ( Angels Pride Romanov x Kilbrook Honeysuckle, Elsewhere )Breeder  Laura Lang & Joanne D Opel. Owner Leah A M Swatko.

An extremely pretty Blenheim who takes your attention immediately having  the largest, darkest eyes, black nose, symmetrical face markings  and  her long lustrous ear fringes  framing her well shaped head. Her overall shape was pleasing to the eye  with good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Carrying a wealth of coat of the correct silky quality she was  presented in excellent condition. Her movement was true front and rear covering the ground with ease.